Sunday, January 13, 2008

annoying things in the world

Here is a list of the most annoying things in the world.

1. friend invites from prostitutes
~ Seiriously, I'm not going to be you stinkin friend. doesn't mater if it's you face, boobs, or butt in the picture i will not be your friend.

2. professors who give you pointless questions on a exam
~ OK you tell the class to look at the main points in the articles and we should be fine. However, when the question goes something like this, "who did Macintosh say was the best person in the 14th century?" funny how their was no article by macintosh and how does this help me counsel people.

client: i'm very depressed and I think I might hurt myself.

counselor: did you know that macintosh said that this guy was an important person in the 14th century?

client: (BOOM) ---- client is dead.

3. playstation 3
~ playstation 3 is pretty cool however, it is retarded. According to the FAQs on the ps3 the difference between the 80GB and the 40GB, as far as backwards compatability goes, is that the 80GB can play past playstation games but the 40 GB can not play PS2 games. However, the 40GB can play your PS1 games. SO tell me Sony if your ps2 units are your best selling unit, then would it make sense to make the PS2 games compatibaly with the 40GB? Guess not.

i'll have more later when I am ticked off.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Okay, Here's What's Up...

Things have been bleak here in 38 Radius Land lately. Instead of our daily updates that we once had, we have been relegated to posting one to three times weekly. It's not good, but be faithful my dear friends. Things will all work out in the end.

Vicious G will be spending most of his summer working on staff at a camp in a barren town somewhere in the U.S. No one really knows where, but that just adds to the mystique of it. The point is, if any of you have ever spent two months in a wilderness land, you know there's not much going on there, especially in terms of internet connection.

Josh will be going to said camp at some point(s) over this summer and spending time with the amazing Vicious G.

I will be leaving my house sporadically for short to long periods of time whether for funerals, weddings, concerts, festivals, conventions, man-comps, whatever. I will keep you updated.

Josh and I are planning on a concert this Sunday night actually. We are abandoning our fathers on their day and going to see Project 86, Showbread, Inhale/Exhale, and Sullivan. We are excited.

Basically, this is just telling you that there is hope. Don't leave us yet. We will return and with this return, we will be triumphant.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I Wish I Knew Why I Find These Funny....

Apparently, there's this thing online called LolCats where you give a picture of a cat a humorous caption with bad grammar. I don't understand the appeal or why they're funny, but I'm addicted to them anyways. They're even branching out and creating LolRuses and it's spectacular. Here's a few examples for you cat and humor lovers.

It's just sad to me that I've already become an old lady with a great love for cats as a sixteen year old male. Once again though, I just don't understand my attraction to these things or why I find them funny. I need a support group or something like it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


As time passes, we can look at past years with more perspective. It is with this perspective that we are able to make firmer opinions and realize when we've seen greatness. This isn't one of those times, but it's close. This is by far the greatest music video of the 1970's, quite possibly ever. Sit back and enjoy 'Apache' by the Tommy Seebach band.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Published article

I am having an article published on the website The site is for people to discuss their faith through different mediums. The site is still being worked on and my article will be up on the site next wednesday. so check it out at.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're Not Very Popular

Out of all the sites on the internet, we are the 3,904,713 most visited and .000005 percent of all interent users visit our site.

We should probably work on branching out or something like that....

Monday, May 28, 2007 looking in a mirror


Holy crap I had this dream and was shocked at how these two persons look alike. But be seperated from birth.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rambo is back and he's mad.

Ok so i have seen all the rambo movies. (some when i was at the age of 6) Now apperently John Rambo is getting some buzz again for a new movie. However, the press is saying how gruesome the movie is and that is just by watching the trailer. So i'll let you be the judge of how violent it is. Some are speculating that this film will be rated NC-17.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Man Comps

!MAN COMP. Webster's Dictionary describes "Man Competition" as the display of manliness through athletic activity with sportsmanship and fair play. Extreme competing to hold the alpha male position in a small pack of men is the main goal of a Man Comp. A Man Comp can consist of one solitary activity to hours upon hours of vigorous competing. Some common Man Comp activities are as follow:

1. The Swing Set Game: This manly display of competition consists of one member of the squad lying belly up under a swing. A secondary member tries to bring fear into the heart of the first member by throwing the swing at him/her. Although the swing has no ability to touch you, it is still nerve wrecking. Keeping yourself cool is an instant victory.

2. Balloon Launch: Using a traditional balloon launcher, one member of the Man Comp launches a balloon high in the air. The first secondary member to catch a balloon is the alpha male.

3. Marshmallow War: First member to bring tears to another member of the Man Comp in any form of marshmallow torture is the winner of this Comp.

4. Standard Water Balloon Fight: Whoever is driest at the end of the fight is the fight master.

5. Picking Blackberries: Whoever has shed the most blood without tears is the Alpha Male.

6. Various Trampoline Activities: Jumping onto roofs, over ropes, or coomatae.

7. Fire: Just burn something. First person with third degree burns wins.

Man Comps can be easily coined as whatever seems like a good way to prove yourself worthy to be called MAN. If you are not Josh Jamison, you stand a chance.